Episode 27!

*phew* It's great to be back! I took a bit of a break as we navigated the spring 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. Our family has been healthy, but as with everyone, we have had a lot of changes to our everyday lives that have taken time to get used to, and we have had to develop... Continue Reading →

E.18 The Waldorf Method with Jean Miller

Listen to Episode 18 Here Part three of four in the homeschool influencer mini series. Today's episode is a delightful conversation that I had with Jean Miller of Waldorf Inspired Learning. She explains the style and tenants of the Waldorf Method, and shares what she offers for homeschool parents on her website. If you have... Continue Reading →

E.17 Classical Conversations with Molly

Listen to Episode 17 HERE Part two of four, in the Homeschool Influencers mini series. In this episode I chat with Molly from The Modern Homeschooler Podcast about the Classical Conversations approach to homeschooling.  To hear more from Molly, check out her podcast: The Modern Homeschooler Podcast And find a Classical Conversations homeschool group near you... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Feet Books – A Blog

One of my very first episodes on Four In Tow Podcast was a synopsis of my favorite curriculum, Beautiful Feet Books. This company has been around since 1984. It was founded by Rea Burg to give homeschool families a curriculum alternative to textbooks. Rea and her team have created teachers guides that help line out learning using... Continue Reading →

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