E.10 Mommy Care

Listen To The Episode Here Today, I'm sharing a little audio journal of sorts, sharing my somewhat unconventional thoughts on mommy care. I think it's essential, I think it's important, I think it's necessary, but maybe there's more to it than just finding time to meditate and be alone.  Follow me on Instagram and Facebook... Continue Reading →

A Book A Day: Final Thoughts

I've finished my Book A Day Challenge...for now. I didn't accomplish what I wanted to, an entire book a day. BUT, I did get a good head start on several books in my pile. Reading little bits of the whole pile was great for me because it gave me a variety of topics, which was... Continue Reading →

Piano Technician Academy

I made out like a bandit this last Christmas (2017). My husband showered WAY TOO MANY gifts on me, including enrollment in the Piano Technician Academy. As geeky as it sounds, tuning pianos has been a pipe dream of mine for years. When I saw the card at the bottom of my gift box from... Continue Reading →

The World Of Podcasts

Weird as it may sound, the way we started discovering podcasts was when we started watching stand-up comedians on Netflix. The Marc Maron show introduced us to podcasting. Not that we hadn’t heard of podcasts before, we had just never followed them before. Omar started listening to Marc’s podcast while at work, and that led... Continue Reading →

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