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One of my very first episodes on Four In Tow Podcast was a synopsis of my favorite curriculum, Beautiful Feet Books. This company has been around since 1984. It was founded by Rea Burg to give homeschool families a curriculum alternative to textbooks. Rea and her team have created teachers guides that help line out learning using... Continue Reading →


Today, let's review history curriculum! When my oldest was going into first grade, I was preparing my curriculum for the year and I had a list of subjects I wanted to cover. History was one topic I wanted to include in first grade that I had not covered Kindergarten. I decided to start with early... Continue Reading →

A Homeschool Mother’s Tribe

Four years ago, I was approaching my first year of homeschooling. As I prepared for that first year, I was so overwhelmed with the choices and options; so many options! From┬áteaching styles, approaches to teaching, so many learning styles, and SO MANY choices and options in curriculum within each of those styles and approaches. I... Continue Reading →

First Grade In Review

It has been a few months now that we have finished our school year, and I thought I'd share what worked for us in the way of curriculum as we worked through first grade.      Math - We were very happy with Math U See by Steve Demme in Kindergarten, so we decided to... Continue Reading →

Homeschool…how I started

I grew up in a homeschool family, the oldest of four myself, my mom taught me at home from second grade through twelfth. When I became a mom I knew I wanted to homeschool.  My husband being the main bread winner for our family, we decided that as long as I wanted to put in... Continue Reading →

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