E.8 A Study Of Space

Listen To Episode Eight Here In light of the recent anniversary within the space exploration community, I have jumped onto the band wagon to give you this episode showing you what we used to study space a few years ago.  We used Apologia's study of astronomy as the back bone of our study. Follow the... Continue Reading →

E.7 Science, An Eclectic Approach

E.7 Listen To Episode Seven Here As an eclectic homeschool mom, my approach to teaching science is a little different. Find out about the curriculum I use, including:  Apologia: Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Things  Beautiful Feet Books: The History of Science  Teachers Pay Teachers specifically: Lessons and Lattes with Mrs. Poe  and her unit: Science- Parts... Continue Reading →

E.6 Beautiful Feet Books, An Overview

Listen To Episode Six Here This episode focuses on some of the curriculum available from Beautiful Feet Books.  I discuss the Early American History guides for Primary and Intermediate levels, The History of Science guide, and The History of Classical Music guide. I also share the Around The World With Picture Books, Part I and... Continue Reading →

E. 5 Planning!

Listen to E.5 PLANNING, Here This week's episode is ALL About Planning!!! I give you a sneak peek into my planning process. AND, I have a very special planner that I've created for my homeschool that I'm sharing with YOU, my listeners! Download the FREE pdf here. Homeschool Planner To check out the planner building... Continue Reading →

The Podcast Has Launched!!!

Oh man! I just can't even believe it! After several months of thinking through the process, and talking with podcasting friends, I am so very excited to launch Four In Tow Podcast! I will be sharing my journey, as well as talking shop with listeners. I've had so many conversations with fellow homeschool moms about... Continue Reading →

A Book A Day: Final Thoughts

I've finished my Book A Day Challenge...for now. I didn't accomplish what I wanted to, an entire book a day. BUT, I did get a good head start on several books in my pile. Reading little bits of the whole pile was great for me because it gave me a variety of topics, which was... Continue Reading →

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