A History of Science

Beautiful Feet Books has a wonderful study of the history of science, designed for upper elementary grades. Despite the fact that it is geared to older children, when my oldest was showing great interest in scientists and what they discovered, I decided to attempt the study during her third-grade year.  The curriculum is designed, as... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Feet Books – A Blog

One of my very first episodes on Four In Tow Podcast was a synopsis of my favorite curriculum, Beautiful Feet Books. This company has been around since 1984. It was founded by Rea Burg to give homeschool families a curriculum alternative to textbooks. Rea and her team have created teachers guides that help line out learning using... Continue Reading →

Christmas Cookies

*phew!* Another Christmas tradition completed. I know sugar is bad, I know it makes my kids hyper...but dang it...I'm gonna make Christmas cookies with them! This year was no exception, and TODAY was deemed "Cookie Day". (Say it the way Stanley from The Office says "Pretzel Day" and we will be friends forever.) A few... Continue Reading →

Twelve Books of Christmas

If you haven’t figured this out yet, I LOVE books! So I thought it only right to present a list of my top favorite 12 Christmas Books! 12. The Legend of the Candy Cane by Lori Warburg Illustrated by James Bernardin The sub title of this book says it all, “The Inspirational Story of Our... Continue Reading →

A Book A Day: Final Thoughts

I've finished my Book A Day Challenge...for now. I didn't accomplish what I wanted to, an entire book a day. BUT, I did get a good head start on several books in my pile. Reading little bits of the whole pile was great for me because it gave me a variety of topics, which was... Continue Reading →

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