Parent-Teacher Conference!!!

It was November last year that I decided to start studying teaching styles within the homeschool world. That turned into a mini series that I presented on my podcast in January. (check out episodes 16 through 19)

Through the interviewing process I decided that I wanted to try hosting a live homeschool conference in my area. I set the date, invited a key note speaker, found a venue, made posters, and started to advertise…then, COVID-19 happened, and we began The Great Pause (term not mine).

The keynote speaker, Jean Miller of Waldorf-Inspired Learning, reached out to me and said “let’s just do this online!” Skeptical, I set up a zoom call with her to brainstorm and discuss how it we could still help people, but from this different platform.

What followed was a collaboration to bring encouragement to parents who find themselves homeschooling!

If you find yourself homeschooling and overwhelmed, register TODAY for tomorrow’s webinar!

You will also be added to a Facebook Group with all of the other registrants where you can interact with me and Jean. All the sessions will be recorded and shared after the webinar is over for future reference or viewing.

Don’t Miss this opportunity!!! Registration ends TODAY at 10 PM Eastern. See you tomorrow!


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