A History of Science

Beautiful Feet Books has a wonderful study of the history of science, designed for upper elementary grades. Despite the fact that it is geared to older children, when my oldest was showing great interest in scientists and what they discovered, I decided to attempt the study during her third-grade year. 

The curriculum is designed, as all BFB curriculum, with a teachers guide and a collection of living books with the focus of the lives of scientists who made great strides and discoveries for science.

The curriculum starts with ancient scientists, and follows science through the medieval era, colonial times, the industrial revolution and modern times.

There are some experiments suggested with each living book, to explore aspects of science that the scientist discovered. For example, when studying Archimedes, directions are given for making an Archemeadian Screw.

While we were doing this study, we were also working through the Around The World With Picture Books study, specifically studying China and Egypt, and the two went so well together that we got “stuck” in the ancient world, and ancient scientists for most of the school year, rather than just studying ancient science for one month.

I really enjoyed reading the biographies. My girls enjoyed them as well, but they are much more hands on, and wanted to do more experiments. Being who I am, I don’t do science experiments very well. I failed at doing the experiments suggested in the teacher’s guide. And didn’t bother to pick up the plethora of backyard and kitchen science books that sit on my shelves.

I plan on using this curriculum again in a few years. When we do, I want to plan more experiments, possibly using subscription science boxes, pulling out all of the experiment books, and planning much further ahead.

I think I learned more than my daughters did during this study. If I had done a better job at doing science experiments along with the books, my girls would have gotten much more out of the curriculum.

If you would like to look into the Beautiful Feet Books History of Science, follow the affiliated link HERE

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