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One of my very first episodes on Four In Tow Podcast was a synopsis of my favorite curriculum, Beautiful Feet Books. This company has been around since 1984. It was founded by Rea Burg to give homeschool families a curriculum alternative to textbooks. Rea and her team have created teachers guides that help line out learning using living books, biographies, and chapter books. 

At the time of this blog post, I have quite a few guides, including Early American History – Primary, Early American History – Intermediate, Around The World In Picture Books – Part 1, Around The World In Picture Books – Part 2, History of Science, History of Classical Music, Ancient History, U.S. and World History – Senior High, Medieval Reformation and Renaissance History – Senior High. We have used Around The World In Picture Books – Part 1, and the History Of Science. We are currently (at the time this post is being written) working through both Early American History series, and Around The World In Picture Books – Part 2.

What’s the deal with the Beautiful Feet Books guides?

Beautiful Feet Books curriculum is set up with a teacher’s guide, and a collection of living books. Each subject is available as a complete Literature Pack, or each book sold separately.

Several of the guides have been revised over the past few years to change various books, and layouts of the guides. I have both the Early American History – Primary editions. The biggest difference is the omission of one of the suggested books, and addition of another one.

The guide books are set up with lesson plans written out with suggested reading of portions of the books from the literature packs, discussion questions, suggested writing assignments, and some links to internet content for further study.

The books the guides suggest to read.

I am a book reader, and have a great desire to give the joy of reading to my kids as well. This is one reason I really like Beautiful Feet Books.  The books they have in their literature packs are engaging and informative at the same time. I appreciate the guides as well, how the reading of living books is laid out in each lesson. If followed, the 100 lessons in each guide will help you to read the entire collection of living books in the literature pack through the course of a year.

So far, I have loved everything we have read. And I’m looking forward to each of the guides and studies we have lined up for the future. Stay tuned for more blog posts with reviews of specific study guides and literature packs.

Do you use Beautiful Feet Books? What is your favorite pack so far? What are some of your favorite books from the suggested reading? Which Literature Pack would you like most to hear about first? Let me know!

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