E.4 The Overwhelming Task Of Choosing A Curriculum Part Two

In today’s episode, we will be looking at types/styles of homeschool curriculum. You can listen to the episode here: Episode Four Choosing Curriculum Part Two I referenced an article on The Best Schools.org for most of the episode’s content. You can find that article here… titled Homeschooling: Which Model Is Right For You? If you would like more information about the Classical Conversations, I highly suggest my fellow podcasters’ from The Modern Homeschooler and their episode Classical Conversations Challenge A Seventh-Grader You can find them on Facebook and Instagram @themodernhomeschooler The instagram feed I mentioned that I follow for Charlotte Mason inspiration is @ourquietgrowingtime Join me in the month of June for the Frog And Toad Together unit study. Find the resource list and lesson plan on my website: Frog And Toad Together   And follow our hashtag on instagram: #FITPODTogether Share your thoughts and projects with us so we can enjoy the study together. Follow Four In Tow Podcast on Facebook and Instagram @fourintowpodcastast Find my Pinterest page with lots of good homeschool ideas here: www.Pinterest.com/fourintowpodcast And support the podcast on Patreon: www.patreon.com/fourintowpodcast

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