Frog And Toad Together Unit Study

As promised on E.3 of my podcast, here is the lowdown on the study my friend and I are going to be doing. In June (2019), my friend and I are going to be doing a unit study revolving around the book Frog and Toad Together by Arnold Lobel.

If you would like to join us, you can find the book at, and you can use this referral code for a discount.

We will be following the study guide by Leslie Clark. You can find the guide Here: in downloadable and physical copies.

We will also be doing part of the Life Cycles Packet from Have Fun Teaching on Teachers Pay Teachers. You can find it HERE
If you aren’t familiar with Teachers Pay Teachers, I would highly encourage you to go check out the website. It is full of resources and fun additions for both brick and mortar classrooms and at home classrooms. This little packet has some great pictures to show the life cycles of frog, chickens, and butterflies.

I plan to use the Frog section of the packet for a little activity for the kiddos to use while I read Tadpoles and Frogs by Anna Milbourne. You can find it HERE.

I am also going to throw in The Tale Of Mr. Jeremy Fisher by Beatrix Potter.

If you would like, you can follow the lesson plan below, or make your own! Either way share what you learn and how you study on Instagram with #FITpodTogether

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