A Book A Day

I was scrolling Facebook the other day when I ran across a friend’s post.

She had taken a picture of the cover of a book with the caption saying it was her book of the day. She went on to explain that was a goal of hers to read a book a day. I was shocked! Mostly because this mama is pregnant with baby five, and her four littles are just younger than mine! How. Does. She. Do. It? Every year I make grandiose plans to read so many books a year, or a month, but NEVER a book a DAY! This year, I found a list on Pinterest that has 26 book topics to read through in a year. It is late September and I’ve read four books…four. Disclaimer: I’m only counting adult books. I read so many kid books! But they don’t count for my reading list.

SO, looking at my very empty reading list, and the stack of books next to my bed, I’ve decided to try it! I’m going to blog while I do…Here it goes…Come back tomorrow to see the results.

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