A Homeschool Mother’s Tribe

Four years ago, I was approaching my first year of homeschooling. As I prepared for that first year, I was so overwhelmed with the choices and options; so many options! From teaching styles, approaches to teaching, so many learning styles, and SO MANY choices and options in curriculum within each of those styles and approaches. I had a moment of anxiety as the questions consumed me…Is this the right curriculum? Are my children going to learn this topic well enough? Am I ruining my children? Am I enough? You know what helped me to work through these thoughts and fears? Building a tribe of my fellow homeschooling mothers.

Finding the amazing mothers to join my tribe has taken time. I first realized that I needed a tribe when I attempted hosting a curriculum share at a local church. I had invited all the homeschool parents who were part of the local homeschool group to come with their curriculum to (a church) on (this date) to share what they use and to talk shop. Despite the fact that it was very poorly attended, I really felt so encouraged, and so excited to be talking to the few fellow homeschool moms who did come. I made the decision that night that I needed more opportunities like that, and I knew it would take serious intention.

I have reached out via private message, text message and phone calls asking moms if they wanted to get together for play dates. I did attend a few field trips, but they were designed for the kids to learn something, NOT for the parents to talk and get to know each other. I made the goal of inviting someone over every week, sometimes we would be invited over to other’s houses, and often the playdates we scheduled got canceled due to circumstances beyond our control, but slowly, surely, I started building my tribe of homeschool moms that I really enjoy being around.

What I like most about the ladies in my tribe is we have a common goal; to teach our kids  to the best of our ability.

I love that NONE of us use the exact same curriculum. Sure, as a result of showing each other what we use, some of my friends use the same spelling books, some of us use the same math, some of us approach history the same way… but none of us use all the same books. I love that.

I like that our kids get along. Sure our kids are different ages, and have different interests, but our kids still get along. Yes, they have their kid fights and moments, but we have taught them how to work through them. Overall it’s such a good time when we get together.

And I love that none of us are in competition with each other. We aren’t trying to show off or build our own pride, but we just want the best for each other. So if my reading program isn’t working for one of my kids, I’ll ask my friends what they use, they gladly share with me and let me look through what they have.

Having a tribe of friends to walk through the homeschooling process had brought such life to me and my homeschool. I would highly encourage everyone to find their tribe as they embark on the homeschool journey.

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