Busyness of Life

Hello friends! Sorry for the silence. Life has been so busy lately,blogging has fallen to the wayside.

One project I have been working on, is finishing my classes with Piano Technician Academy. I took the final on April 1st and passed! I’m officially a piano technician. I launched my business and my website this month: KeysofE

In March I was brought onto the Anatomy Of Marriage Podcast Team as one of their website curators. I met the creators of the Anatomy Of Marriage Podcast at the Bad Christian Conference in Nashville in January. Since then, I’ve been keeping up with the podcast and Facebook page. When they put up an advert asking for help with all of their media platforms, I sent in my resume and got the job. I’m one of the teammates working on the website. We have a ways to go, but we have gotten a good start, check it out! : Antomy Of Marriage.

I’ve been keeping up with my kid’s schooling, nearly finished with the school year, and giving piano lessons. I’m also looking for ways to keep selling books with Usborne Books & More, parties, fundraisers, and vendor events.

All of this to prepare for our summer! We are taking a trip to Colorado to join my Dad’s family reunion, my husband is going to meet some of my cousins on my dad’s side for the first time ever! Do you have plans for the summer that you are looking forward to? How do you prepare?

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