Piano Technician Academy

I made out like a bandit this last Christmas (2017). My husband showered WAY TOO MANY gifts on me, including enrollment in the Piano Technician Academy. As geeky as it sounds, tuning pianos has been a pipe dream of mine for years. When I saw the card at the bottom of my gift box from my husband with the login information to this online school I burst into tears, I was so happy!

The school is set up in a few parts, ten lessons that include a PowerPoint with embedded videos to show the how-to’s and printed material, which is the PowerPoint in a PDF format. Each lesson walks the student through exactly how to tune, how to hear in-tune notes and out-of-tune notes (it’s science), how to dismantle and clean a piano, and how to do minor and major fixes. The last lesson teaches how to have a piano tuning/repairing business. Each lesson ends with a ten question test.

I think my background in music helped me through the lessons on hearing musical intervals while tuning. The lessons regarding minor repairs were great, I was able to do most of the fixes on my own piano. Once I got to the lessons about major fixes and rare finds I had to just read through the material so that I can get through the lesson. I have picked up an extra free piano to try to fix, and I’m hoping for the sake of experience, that the piano has a few of the major issues just so I can fix them.

Something I’ve learned about myself through this process, is that working with my hands in this way is SO exciting for me! I’d like to pick up a few more pianos that people are giving away so that I can fix them up and flip them for a profit. I’ve also researched other projects I can do in case the pianos I get are unable to be playable. Pinterest has a huge list of piano part projects. I have a Pinterest board here. Piano Art

I’m nearly done with all of the lessons, and getting ready to take the final test. At this point I need more experience actually tuning before I can charge for the service, but I have a list of people who have offered their pianos to help me build up my experience. I’m also using my piano, and the free piano that I got, to practice repairs. It has been a great school and I’m so excited to apply what I’ve learned and get better at all I’ve learned. All in all it has been a great online school and I’m so excited to continue practicing and getting better at tuning and fixing pianos!

If you would like to take the course yourself, check out the Academy here:Piano Technician Academy

AND, I’m trying to think of a name for my piano teaching, piano tuning, piano repair business. If you have any good suggestions, comment below. I’d love some help with the name!

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