The World Of Podcasts

Weird as it may sound, the way we started discovering podcasts was when we started watching stand-up comedians on Netflix. The Marc Maron show introduced us to podcasting. Not that we hadn’t heard of podcasts before, we had just never followed them before. Omar started listening to Marc’s podcast while at work, and that led him to find Joe Rogan, which then led to the discovery of more and more, eventually leading him to the guys on the Bad Christian Podcast. Matt, Toby and Joey have been friends since college and they put out a weekly podcast that focuses on exploring different schools of thought, philosophy, and differing voices in Christian theology. They talk with each other and bring on guests with a wide variety of viewpoints to encourage open conversation between people, giving their listeners a lot to discuss and think about.

One of the Christmas gifts from my husband this last year was tickets to the Bad Christian Conference. Put on by the Bad Christian Podcast guys, they invited a bunch of their friends and former podcast guests to continue the conversation and discussion in a live setting. We all met in Nashville one weekend in January to hang out and listen as the guest speakers talked about various current buzz word topics in a panel format. They posted two of the panels on their podcast and can be heard here: Episode 353 and here: Episode 355

Omar and I had such a great time that weekend! Not only was it a weekend away for just US, but we got to meet so many people that we just CLICKED with, lots of fast, forever friends, and putting real faces to the profile pics we’ve met in the online Bad Christian community.

Another cool thing that happened was we met several people who work on other podcasts. I’ve taken the time to listen to a few of these other podcasts and I’d like to share them with you today!

Labeled – The behind the scenes look at the bands and employees of Tooth And Nail Records. If you were a teenager of the ‘90’s or 2000’s, and you were into the Christian Alternative or Indi music scene, this podcast is for YOU! I listened to season one in a weekend, I could NOT stop listening… and no joke, I’m going back and re-listening to every episode. Matt Carter and his team give the behind the scenes stories of bands like Underoath, Emery, Copeland, MeWithoutYou, Further Seems Forever, and so many more. Seriously, I’m hooked! It was such a great trip down memory lane, listening to music from my high school days, I’m excited to hear who they interview next and see what stories they share! Check out the podcast here: Labeled

Anatomy Of Marriage – We got to have lunch with these guys while in Nashville, not realizing who they were until after we had lunch. Seth is a marriage counselor and Melanie is a podcast editor. Their marriage almost fell apart eight years ago, but they decided to stay together and fight for the future together. Their journey birthed the podcast! Melanie put together an audio workbook that compliments the first season of episodes. Season one and the workbook are designed for people to walk through to help them deal with past hurts and enrich current and future relationships. Season two started last month, including Q&A episodes. I’ve been privileged to be added to their support staff and will be one of the team helping update their website! Regardless of your relationship status, you will find something to learn from the podcast. You can listen here: Anatomy Of Marriage

Depth of Echoes: Diving Deep Into Mental Illness – This one is BRAND NEW! I’ve gotten to know Rayah, the creator, on the BC Club. She and her husband are delving into the world of mental illness and opening the conversation about illnesses. They speak from their own experience and share their own story of an individual who suffers from mental illness and a spouse who loves them through it all. They have one episode up on iTunes right now, and I am REALLY looking forward to more from Rayah and Richard. Listen to their first podcast here: Depth of Echoes

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