Where I Shopped For Christmas

It started in August when I declared War on my children’s toy hoard. That’s when I decided I was only going to get my kids four gifts this Christmas, something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read.  It continued when I realized just how much I could save by being a hostess for with my friend’s direct sales businesses. With four kids, six nieces and nephews, my in laws, and three people from my side of the family to shop for this year, I decided I HAD to support my fellow consultant friends while taking advantage of their company’s sales and hostess rewards. Here are the companies and consultants I shopped with and what I got for those on my gift list.  



Company – ThirtyOne

Consultant – Tiffany Collins

Website – www.mythirtyone.com/tiffanycollins

ThirtyOne is a company known for their bags, purses and organizing containers. I LOVE their products!!! I am a bag lady, and can never get enough of their fabulous prints. Who doesn’t need a new purse? 

I shopped for what my kids needed during Tiffany’s Mystery Hostess party. I got each of my kids their own Cinch Sac as their thing they Needed. A few of the bags I even personalized. I was able to buy one and get one free because I won the hostess rewards. I also took advantage of the customer special since my order as more than $35 and I got my mom a tote and insert for $20. 


Company – Pampered Chef

Consultant – Jessica Zielinski 

Website – www.pamperedchef.biz/pcjess

Pampered Chef has TOP QUALITY kitchen and entertaining products. I am not a cook by any means, but I have several of their products and they last longer than any thing I’ve used and my husband who is a cook and foodie loves their stuff. 

I had hosted a catalog party with Jessica in the early fall, so when it was time to shop for my brother I decided to use my 10% previous hostess discount and get him a round stone for baking pizza and a pizza cutter. I think next year I’ll be hosting again so I can get more product for my cooking family (basically everyone but me). There were lots of Ooos and Ahhs when he opened his gifts. 


Company – Norwex

Consultant – Dawn King

Website – www.dawnk.norwex.biz/en_US/customer/shop

Norwex is taking my area by storm! If you haven’t heard about these cleaning products yet, let me tell you. These micro fiber cloths have special BackLoc technology that helps them self sanitize!!! (No, I’m not kidding, just ask my friend Dawn who sells the stuff, it’s just crazy!) The most amazing part for me, is these cloths just need water to sanitize/clean. 

I had hosted a party in October and had gotten SO Many Free cloths (and a free mop, which is AMAZING!) that I was able to gift an Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth to my mother in law who is an avid cleaner.  I wanted to get my father in law a car cleaning kit too, but waited too long to order it.  Oops. 


Company – SimplyFun 

Consultant – Heather Underhill

Website – www.simplyfun.com 

So, this was a new company to me. But one of my friends invited me to an online party she was hosting and while I attended, I got hooked! This company is fairly new, and their products are games for families. They advertise that all games are designed to be played within 30 minutes. 

My mom is an avid game player, so I got a few games for her to put into the bag I got her from ThirtyOne.  I also booked a party myself for January so I can take advantage of some hostess rewards myself and get some great games for my kiddos for free, and $1! Wanna come? 


Company – Usborne Books & More

Consultant – Elizabeth Williams 

Website – www.1105739.myubam.com

Usborne Books & More is a book company who sells high quality books aimed for children from newborns through high school.  I’ve been blessed to be a consultant with this company for a year now. I was able to get my kids two books each as well as one book a piece for my nieces and nephews (yes, I was “THAT AUNT”). With all the awesome books available it was easy to find something for every age and interest, from my 15 year old nephew to my 18 month old niece. 


Honorable mention – LuLaRoe

Consultants – Peace Bee & the Honey Hive, and Heather Gluth

Websites – Peace Bee, https://www.facebook.com/groups/1381839508527979/

Heather Gluth, https://www.facebook.com/groups/llrheathergluth/

I feel that if you have not heard of LuLaRoe yet, you have been living under a rock.  But maybe that’s just because the company had an influx of consultants in my circle of friends. I didn’t buy anything specifically for gifts from these ladies, but I did want to take advantage of some of their sales during the holiday shopping season. My friend Heather had a Black Friday sale where I got myself and my daughters some holiday leggings that we all wore for Christmas Day. 

I sent my hubby to the girls at the Honey Hive and Peace Bee LuLaRoe and he got me a Classic T for Christmas. I also splurged on myself and bought an Irma that I wore on Christmas Eve. 


Honorable Mention – Monat

Consultant – Elizabeth Williams & Heather Costello

Website – www.lizzysjoyfulhaven.mymonat.com

This is the hair care company that is taking the country by storm. Another fairly new company, their non toxic hair care line has totally transformed hair around the nation! My before and after pictures are proof enough for me. I hated my hair for years until I found this product. I was sold! 

The company put together some cute gift packs this fall designed with special product to gift to family and friends. I had planned on buying my brother the beard care kit that was a holiday special but they sold out before I got the chance. 


There were several other companies I wanted to make purchases from, but was just not able to because of budget, and I’d pretty much finished shopping. These companies are listed below. 


Company – Perfectly Posh 

Consultant – Jessica Schiffer 

Website – www.perfectlyposh.com

Awesome skin care and hair care products that are naturally based and smell amazing! 


Company – Scentcy

Consultant – Lacie Rea

Website – www.lacierea.scentsy.com 

Wonderful smelling waxes, sprays, etc, to make your home, car, life smell AMAZING! 




Here’s the thing, these ladies are all working multiple jobs to help their families live life to the fullest. We have all decided to take on the joys and challenges of owning a home business like this because we have found a product/products that have helped and excited us and our families in such a way that we feel the whole world should know and love the same products. We realize that what we are sharing may not be for you, but for those who come along side us and order from us, host with us, and cheer us on, know that WE APPRECIATE YOU! You are helping us support our families, and we really Thank You! Happy New Year!  

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  1. I was surprised that I hadn’t heard of half of these companies. Then again, I don’t know too many people that are consultants for different companies, so there’s that. The one with the games sounds up our alley, though. We do a lot of games here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad I could introduce you to some new companies! Check them all out, I seriously love them all. 😉 (hence the blog) 😊


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