Scheduling and Planning

As a homeschool mom, one of my favorite things is sitting down with like minded mothers to talk shop. I love comparing, discussing, and exploring curriculum, hearing what we have found to work for each of our children’s learning styles. I don’t have very many years under my belt yet, but the bit of experience I have is so exciting to share. In the last few weeks I’ve had the three separate conversations with ladies asking about how I plan my days.  I love to plan, I love schedule, and I love order. But with four in tow, that’s hard to do. I have figured out that I accomplish much more and do much better at getting done what I need to on a daily basis if I have a plan. So, here is how I plan and schedule my day during the school year. 


Two times a year I take chunk of time (sometimes a weekend, sometimes a week) and I lay out all my curriculum and I decide what I want to accomplish in each subject during the course of each semester. Then I break it up into weekly and daily goals that I write down on a weekly lesson plan. Then when the week arrives I have a daily schedule page that I can use to plan what I will do each half hour of the day. I follow it really loosely, but it keeps me on track with the kid’s school, meals, and keeps the house clean and fairly picked up. Without it I find my house a mess and terribly behind in school. 


When I first decided to write out weekly lesson plans I searched Pinterest and found lots of people’s lesson plans, charts and lists. I downloaded several but then I ended up creating my own. Here is a JPEG of what I created: 


This one is for my second grade lesson plans.  My first grade lesson plan form looks similar. My kindergarten lesson plan is completely different, much less structured. If you are interested in seeing the other plans, just comment below and I’ll add it to a future blog. 


My daily schedule I found on Pinterest, it has a list of the hours and half hours listed in order starting 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM  there is also a meal plan and a spot for listing chores that need to be completed that day. It’s a pretty fantastic list. If I can find it, I’ll post the link. It got lost in my thousands of posts. 😀 

Everyone is different. Not everyone plans, and not everyone needs a plan. But for me, I most definitely need one, especially with this coming school year, having two young ones to teach. In any event, I hope this helps someone out there. And to all, Happy Planning! 

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