Teaching Science I and Usborne Books & More

Usborne Book & More and First Grade Science 


Warning! Shameless plug ahead! I decided to add to my life and start selling books with Usborne Books & More in October. This has been a great hobby to do for myself, it adds a bit of income for my family, and the books are fantastic! Occasionally I’ll be posting reviews on my blog of titles I get my hands on. 


Today I’m going to give you a look at what I used for Science for First Grade this year. Because I couldn’t decide on a curriculum, I decided to do my own thing. We are studying animals, I’ve picked an animal and spent a week or two or three reading books and watching videos and then we do a report. Usborne Books have been a big part of this learning process.  

I use The Usborne Living World Encyclopedia as a backbone. This book is set up by habitats classifying different animals in specific habitats. Lots of pretty pictures, small bits of text so kids with short attention spans can learn important facts about the animals in the pictures.  


I also use Usborne World of Animals which give an overview of animals native to specific continents of the world. This one I like because it is science and geography combined and I’m all about unit study type learning. The pictures in this book are photographs, BEAUTIFUL pictures of the animals being studied.  


Another series of books we have been using are the Beginner Readers. These books cover a very wide range of topics, including specific animals. One book covers the life cycle, habitat, predators, prey, etc of one specific animal. We have a small collection on various mammals a birds. 


The last set of books I have used are perfect for a quick glance of some of the animals we are studying. The Pocket Books, specifically Mammals and Reptiles. These books are like little I.D. Books. Each page has a photograph of an animal then gives a brief intro to the animal. 


In a later post I’ll talk about how I use these books and more to teach science. 


Until then, if you want to know more about how to order any or all of these books, just continue reading. 


Here is a link to my shopping website:  1105739.myubam.com


These are links to the titles specifically discussed in this blog post. 

The Usborne Living World Encyclopedia – https://shop.bydesign.com/UsborneBooksAndMore/#/shop/detail/527846

Usborne World of Animals – https://shop.bydesign.com/UsborneBooksAndMore/#/shop/detail/520335-R

Beginner Readers Animals Set – https://shop.bydesign.com/UsborneBooksAndMore/#/shop/detail/539795

Pocket Readers Mammals – https://shop.bydesign.com/UsborneBooksAndMore/#/shop/detail/673495


Pocket Readers Reptiles – https://shop.bydesign.com/UsborneBooksAndMore/#/shop/detail/673501

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