Why Blog?

It was 2005, I was studying in a Youth With A Mission program designed to mature musicians in their craft. The school was(is) called School Of Music in Missions, directed by Karen Lafferty. Every week for 10 weeks we studied a different topic all related to music. One week our teacher was Diane Wigstone, a gifted, driven woman of God. The thing that struck me was she has figured out how to live life to the fullest, more than most people I’ve met. During the week she taught on having dreams and life goals and how to fulfill them; she helped us think through what we really wanted to do within the course of our life then she showed us how to set goals in order to accomplish of our dreams. I made a list with a five year plan, in three years I had most of it completed. Since then I’ve lived a few more dreams and watched several dreams die. In the last year I started dreaming again. I still have a lot more life to live, and I get to dream more about what I want to accomplish, and I get to set new goals. That brings me to this blog. One of the things on the list from 2005 was to write a book. I’ve decided if I want to write, then I need to write, every day, then I’ll post a piece every Friday (for now). The blog will act as my accountability to keep writing. Topics will be varied, but then, so is my life. Enjoy! 😉

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